SNAGS—Why dead trees are so alive?

Aug 11, 2023 | Tree Appreciation

Trees provide food, shelter and air for countless species throughout their lives. What we don’t always think about is how much trees give life after their life is over. I sometimes think trees are more full of life after they have died and are decomposing turning back into the earth. Standing dead trees are full of bugs, birds, animals, mushrooms, moss, literally crawling with life. They have an important part to play in our ecology and their existence or non-existance is a major factor in the success of many species depending on that process. If it is possible to leave a tree in whole or in part standing it is provides many benefits. If the tree is a danger to our activities or your property it makes sense to remove the tree. Though if it is possible to reduce the tree to a level it doesn’t pose a threat it is a very helpful move for the ecology of our region.


Below are two resources that provide great research and possibilities of conservation of dead trees or snags.