How to plant a tree and why?

Aug 11, 2023 | Tree Care

planting trees

If you are going to plant a tree that is a decision that will impact your property for a long time and is an investment that is worth doing right. It’s always good to make a plan for planting a tree. Picking out the best location and species is a big step. What kind of tree you are planting is a big factor whether it is balled and burlaped, container or bare root. Making sure the roots are not root bound and are not going to develop into girdling roots is important. The depth of the planting at around the root flare not covering the trunk but also not exposing the roots. Making sure you have a plan to water regularly and remove the stakes and ties after they have done so they don’t choke the tree and allow the tree to develop. Putting up bark guards so that weed wackers don’t destroy the trees back. There are many things to think about so below is a great guide from ISA or International Society of Arborists a pdf is linked in the page.