Great talk hosted by WNY Land Conservancy

Aug 14, 2023 | Tree Appreciation

WNY Land Conservancy Talk

Living in WNY we are blessed with four seasons and lots of rain and forests. We have many natural wonders locally and parks to enjoy the outdoors. Though sometimes we don’t realize how much impact we have on our environment even if it’s a small patch of land. That land matters. Many species are struggling with climate change and habitat destruction. Being able to connect the dots so speak can be a make it or break it point for wildlife in our areas. Another tree or even a standing dead left is food enough or habitat for another bird family to make it. Things we love and make our region unique with butterflies and flora and fauna need space. We humans collectively are making decisions for the majority of open space on earth and our region. This video does an amazing job explaining the interconnectedness of our landscapes, wildlife up to and including our own survival with the way which care for the land. A monoculture non-native lawn that is sprayed is close to lifeless and food desert from a biodiverse and native forest, prairie or wetland. The video shows if we value different things and have some simple culture shifts we can really bring life back into our surroundings and still have enough space for all we need. In a time in the world that is increasingly disconnected and fragmented we could use this connection to nature and giving back.